ARRED'S Connect

Implement ARREDS's Products to make your business in easiest and fastet way to improve the business strategy with high performance profit rate.

ARREDSConnect | Mobile POS software for all merchants

The use of ARREDSConnect augments the efforts of commercial stores who want to increase their revenue and customer experience. The development of ArredsConnect has answered the needs of the merchants to meet these criteria.



Does away with the waiting time for POS machines. ARREDSConnect is just an Android app that can be downloaded to any Android device. It also comes along with a handy mPOS service for card payments that can be connected through bluetooth. No hardware related issues

ARREDSConnect comes with a customer app which customers can use to make payments 24* 7

ARREDSConnect provides multiple payment options in one app. Apart from Credit and Debit card, it also includes UPI. Simply put, ARREDSConnect provides payment options for all types of customers: those with and without cards effectively catering for customers in rural areas who only have banks accounts.

Customers can also pay with their cards, by using our wireless POS device SMS / Whatsapp / Email – payment links can be sent directly to customers for payments on the go

ARREDSConnect can be used for Card present and Card not present transactions Safe and secure – no risk of Card cloning as the transaction is handled in a PCI certified environment

It's an all in one application, which encompasses every payment method designed to ease the process of customers paying for a business's products. From payment links sent to the customer to payment being processed through our e-commerce payment gateway or handheld mPOS device, merchants can cater to every type of customer